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downtownguelph - The Fountain Flows - by Desiree O - 2014

I Won the #guelPhonography #GuelphAlteredState Mini-Challenge!

Here’s a personally pleasing art update: I won the #guelPhonography #GuelphAlteredState mini-challenge! What is #guelPhonography? …in 2012,  the concept of Guelphonography was born. Guelphonography = Guelph mobile photography. The…mission is to showcase the spirit, energy, beauty, abundance and character of the Guelph community via an annual contest and exhibit. [GUELPHONOGRAPHY TEAM] And what are the mini-challenges? Fun weekly challenges help keep… Read more →

Guelph Arts Council - logo

I’m Guelph Arts Council’s Featured Artist

The Guelph Arts Council is a wonderful organization that works hard to support the artistic community in Guelph and its members. Example? I’m currently their Featured Artist. Thanks so much, GAC! Be sure to check out what the Guelph Arts Council is up to and my GAC profile. Read more →

Guelph Arts Council - logo 2

I’m Now a Member of the Guelph Arts Council

Since moving back to Guelph over 5 years ago, I have been an enthusiastic supporter of the arts in this city. Despite that fact – and despite a few failed attempts to sign-up over the years – I’ve finally joined the Guelph Arts Council as an Artist Member. Be sure to take a peek at my profile as well as the fantastic… Read more →