I’ve just been hired by Fame10 as a freelance Entertainment Writer focusing mainly on television and celebrities of the 1990s-2000s. Fame10.com is your destination for everything fashion and entertainment related. Get the scoop on the latest news plus learn new things about your favorite celebs, TV shows, movies and more. Be sure to check out my articles for Fame10! Read more →

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Twelve Month Artful Pledge – July: Attend

2015 is the year of the Twelve Month Artful Pledge and it’s time for July’s focus: Attend. July is a big month for Guelph as Hillside Festival rolls into town. It’s known as one of the greatest festivals around. This award-winning and highly acclaimed festival boasts a great format and many amazing programs, which really celebrate the spirit of its… Read more →

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I’ve launched bohemianizm!

bohemianizm is my new website. bohemianizm wants to feature the best that today’s artists and creators have to offer. bohemianizm wants to introduce art lovers to new art and artists. bohemianizm wants to introduce artists’ work to a large international enthusiastic readership. bohemianizm wants to feature all kinds of art and creativity. bohemianizm wants to feature artists from all over the world.… Read more →


Twelve Month Artful Pledge – June: Watch

2015 is the year of the Twelve Month Artful Pledge and it’s time for June’s focus: Watch. June is a month that is full of great things to watch. …This kind of engagement in your local arts scene provides both entertainment and excitement while also contributing to the local investment and the economy in our city. …Beyond the local investment… Read more →