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Living Daily In Modest Happiness // Yayoi Kusama

Living daily in modest happiness Infinity nets Increment in the Spring Star of early Spring Water drops from the Universe Rain in the evening glow Flowers that bloom tomorrow Seeking the soul Seeking the beautiful eyes High heels for going to Heaven Golden shoe   Purple sea Infinity dots In the insomnia night river Longing for eternity Time goes by,… Read more →


New Project: Poetry in Titles

I’ve started a little project here on my site called Poetry in Titles. There are so many incredible artists who inspire what I do in different ways and in their work I see so many things, including poetry in their titles. To expand on that, my project will take the titles of pieces from an artist and work them together to create a poem. Maybe… Read more →


Twelve Month Artful Pledge – March: Learn

2015 is the year of the Twelve Month Artful Pledge and it’s time for March’s focus: Learn. Life-long learning is one of the best ways to inspire the next generation of young minds. It is also one of the best ways to stay young. Learning, like creating, opens up new pathways in our brains that help us build, grow, and… Read more →


Twelve Month Artful Pledge – February: Create

2015 is the year of the Twelve Month Artful Pledge and it’s time for February’s focus: Create. It’s a cold and short month. Why not fill your time by creating something? It can be functional (like mittens) or beautiful (like a painting). It can involve words, clay, beads, paint, instruments, voice or movement— just create something! It might not be… Read more →