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The Kills - Alison Mosshart

New Music: The Kills Concert Film
& The Weakerthans’ John K. Samson ‘Provincial’ Solo Album

The Kills’ Live Concert Film Alison Mosshart and James Hince have the kind of presence that makes you believe that these people were truly born to be on stage and rock as hard as they do. Which is why it’s awesome that The Kills have announced that they will be releasing a live concert DVD. “A bunch of friends and fans… Read more →

the purity myth

The Purity Myth Trailer, Solo Baseball in Space, The Muppets’ Nine Inch Snails

Here is a list of awesome, interesting, amazing, and incredible things I’ve come across this week: The Purity Myth Trailer Have you read The Purity Myth? Yes or no, you’ll definitely want to check out the new film now on DVD. “Jessica Valenti, author and founder of Feministing, penned The Purity Myth in response to cultural pressure women face to remain virgins until… Read more →

Amphetamine Heart by Liz Worth

I Recommend Amphetamine Heart by Liz Worth on Advent Book Blog

Check out my recommendation for Amphetamine Heart by Liz Worth on the Advent Book Blog. Amphetamine Heart is a debut poetry collection that wanders through that disoriented time between insomnia and blackouts, drunkenness and desperation, with all of the possibilities that can sweep you away when you’re trapped in impossible places. Infused with punk and metal, it’s a collection that’s as hard… Read more →

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo - Trent Reznor - Atticus Ross

New Music: The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo Full Soundtrack

There’s been SO much talk about the new Hollywood version of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, and perhaps just as much chatter about the hugely-hyped soundtrack. Composed by Oscar winners Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross, the full track listing has now been released. “A sprawling three-hour opus” with 37 tracks including a cover of Led Zeppelin’s Immigrant Song featuring the Yeah Yeah… Read more →

H&M's Dragon Tattoo Collection

H&M Does Dragon Tattoo, New Canadian Tattoo Magazine, Death of TV, and First Kiss (Ever!) on Wedding Day

Here is a list of awesome, interesting, amazing, (and awkward!) things I’ve come across this week: H&M’s “Dragon Tattoo” Collection When an author crafts the image and look of their characters, it can be a thorough and painstaking process of delving into their true nature and finding the best way to exhibit it outwardly. I’m not sure how many consider how the style… Read more →

Persephone Magazine

Persephone Magazine on Feminism for Real
(including a look at my poem, “After The Third Wave”)

Persephone Magazine has taken an in depth look at Feminism for Real and they’ve included “After The Third Wave”, one of my poems from the book. Poetry, an often looked down upon form of expression ( as well as one of the most accessible) , is well included in the book. The medium of poetry often can go simply in only… Read more →