33 Reasons Why 33 Will Be Awesome

33 blue

I turned 33 on the 3rd and I suspect this will be another wonderful year for me. Why?

Here are 33 reasons why 33 will be awesome:

  1. My family is always the number 1 reason any year is awesome.
  2. 3 is my favourite/lucky number, so being 33 should be positive.
  3. I’m in my mid-mid-thirties, which is a great spot in life.
  4. I’m in quite a comfortable and accomplished place in my life which allows me to continue to move forward.
  5. I’ll be celebrating my 15th anniversary with my love at the end of the year.
  6. We’ve moved into a wonderful house (the same I lived in when I was little!) that we’ll be working on making our home this year.
  7. I’ll be starting my first backyard garden.33
  8. I’m doing really well getting my health in perfect order.
  9. My partner is doing really well in getting his health in perfect order.
  10. I intend to get a lot fitter and stronger this year.
  11. I’m taking ukulele lessons this year (starting in June, so I’ll blog about it soon).
  12. I’m hoping to take art classes this year.
  13. I’m getting new tattoos this year.
  14. I’m planning on getting my licence this year.
  15. I’m doing a lot of fun things and writing with Canada Arts Connect and Canada Arts Connect Magazine.
  16. I’m doing a lot of poetry writing this year.
  17. I’m doing a lot of fiction writing this year.
  18. I have my fingers crossed regarding another writing opportunity.
  19. I’m creating some interesting art this year.
  20. I’m taking some great courses this year.
  21. I get to read a lot of great books this year.
  22. I get to watch a lot of fun movies and shows this year.
  23. My partner was recently promoted again, so I get to enjoy and be proud of his continued success.
  24. My sister and her family just got a new dog, so I get to play with a puppy this year.
  25. My Mom just moved into a beautiful new home.
  26. I have lovely people in my life and I look forward to continuing to make new friends this year.
  27. I cut my hair recently, so I get to enjoy a short ‘do this year.
  28. We’re planning to take the boys over to Centre Island for the first time this year.
  29. We’ll be going to our traditional yearly Blue Jays game (at least one!).
  30. It’s been a rainy spring, so I get to start 33 with thunderstorms (which I love).
  31. We’re planning other fun trips and adventures this year.
  32. Again, another year of my wonderful bohemian life with my awesome family.
  33. I’m reeeeeeally hoping this is the year I finally win millions in the lottery! ;)

I’m sure this is only the beginning. I have no doubt that there will be many more reasons why my 33rd year will be incredible.