A brand new DesireeO.com!

Welcome to the updated, super-snazzy version of my website. There were three main reasons for the new site design…

#1. The hosting company I was using was horribly expensive and I needed to switch.

#2. It was time to freshen things up.

#3. I was tired of having a website AND a blog, and wanted a site that incorporated both.

Of course, it was my friend and super-techy genius, Beth McKay-Smith who came to my rescue and voila, here’s my new website!

A huge, huge, huge THANK YOU to Beth for saving my butt and holding my hand through this process (for real, without her I would have been screwed!).

Feel free to roam around and check things out:

I’m really excited to start posting on this new blog, so be sure to check back often — or better yet, add the site to your RSS reader and follow me on Twitter.

Also let me know you’re reading by leaving comments or sending me a quick “Hello.

Thanks for dropping by! Have an awesome day!

~ Desirée O