A Poem a Day: You Got ‘Em?

I read poetry a lot. But as things got increasingly busy last year, I found the time that I read poetry was more and more becoming chunks here or there, whenever I could manage. I don’t like this.

I like to read poetry all the time.

Every day.

So, although I’m not really one to make New Year’s resolutions (I don’t have anything against them, I just never think of coming up with any ahead of time and can’t really bother whenever I happen to think about possibly doing it), this year I made one.

Every day I’ll read one poem.

Obviously I can read more each day if I want. But I absolutely, positively will take a little time every day to read (and really take time thinking about) one poem.

So far, so good. But it could be even better.

In the past few months I have been finding my daily poems in collections I already own – ones I’ve already read and ones I still have yet to read.

But I’d like to widen my scope. I took a look around to find an eNewsletter subscription that would send me a poem a day. These have to exist, right?

I’ve only found one so far. Poem-A-Day at Poets.org.

So far they’ve sent:

Useless Landscape by D. A. Powell
A lone cloudburst hijacked the Doppler radar screen, a bandit

If You Go into the Woods You Will Find It Has a Technology by Heather Christle
This tree has a small LED display

El Florida Room by Richard Blanco
Not a study or a den, but El Florida

Horses at Midnight Without a Moon by Jack Gilbert
Our heart wanders lost in the dark woods.

Choke by Eileen Myles
Of all the ways of forgetting

Night by Carsten René Nielsen
At night things become ever so smaller, our shoes and teeth, too

In a Blue Wood by Richard Levine
The couple in Van Gogh’s blue wood is walking

Do YOU know of any poem-a-day eNewsletters? If so, please leave a comment below!