“All nature is but art unknown…”: A Trip Back to the Arboretum

One of the many plaques around the Arboretum. Each has a quote or piece of a poem and the name of a person who has passed that loved this nature treasure.

When I was little, my parents used to take us to the Arboretum. I remember it being a wonderful place to wander among the trees and plants. There were endless trails and unexpected animal friends popping out occasionally to surprise you.

Today I went back for the first time since. And it was even better than I remembered. We barely covered a fraction of what’s there, but already I’m enchanted.

We started along a path that was pure forest magic. The trees created a canopy above, to the left were glimpses of deeper woods, and to our right was a lovely wood fence that wove along with the trees, flowers, and bird houses.

We then came out onto a gravel road and when we crossed we were suddenly at the entrance of the beginning of gardens that continued one after the other, each in a different style.

I fell in love with each and every one.

FROG! This was the easier of the two to see.

In the first garden, there was a hummingbird and butterfly spot, lots of gorgeous flowers, and a picnic table (there are actually many lovely benches and a few picnic tables all over the Arboretum, which was wonderful!).

And in the pond we found TWO FROGS!

One was bobbing under the water and was the exact same green as the plants, so was harder to spot with the camera. It seemed like the more curious of the two. It actually popped it’s head up and was looking right at us.

The other gardens had streams, fruit and veggie patches, endless interesting plants, and little houses and cabins at various spots.

There were also occasional information boards to let you know what plants, birds, and animals were in the area.

After the gardens, we came upon the Lilac Collection and the Rose Collection.

After following another path, we came across a lovely fountain with one particular hedge that was absolutely COVERED in bees.

We decided that was enough for one day (seriously, we were shocked at how much we had come across in such a short time), but I’ll definitely be heading back. Taking a glance at the map, there’s A LOT more to explore. And I definitely want to return to some of the beautiful spots we came across today.

Check out a few more pics below! I took so many! I wish I could include them all.

One of the gardens.
A peek into the forest.
A snail we rescued from a dangerous spot.
Gorgeous smelling lilacs.
The fountain looks murky, but that's because it was deeper than expected.