Ambition Exhaustion: How Do You Manage When You Want to do…EVERYTHING?

When it comes to my career, I want to do EVERYTHING. Just to name a few things off of the top of my head…

  • I want to write poetry.
  • I want to write fiction.
  • I want to write non-fiction.
  • I want to write a column again.
  • I want to create music again.
  • I want to perform again.
  • I want to run Canada Arts Connect.
  • I want to run Canada Arts Connect Magazine.
  • I want to expand Canada Arts Connect and Canada Arts Connect Magazine with programs and projects and endless opportunities.
  • I want to explore projects that I’ve never even imagined.
  • I want to collaborate with different artists and writers and musicians and all kinds of creative people.


…that’s a lot.

Sometimes I think I need to cut back and focus on one or two projects. But then the panic sets in. I see others working on amazing things and I feel that desperate tug in my chest that tells me how much I want to be doing something similar in my own way.

I feel like I’m wasting time not working on these projects now…even though I work constantly. I have so many ideas, but usually have just enough time to jot them down and file them away for a time when (hopefully!) I’ll be able to work on them.

So I work harder. And I work more.

And then I become exhausted. Literally exhausted from the pressure and panic and sense of desperation that comes along with my intense ambition.

I take a few breaths. Remind myself that I can’t do everything at once and if I take the proper time needed and focus on one or two things, then I can successfully accomplish them, put them aside, and move on to the next ambition-filling project.

…And then I have another idea…and it starts all over again.

*   *   *

Are you incredibly ambitious or do you go with the flow?

Do you experience ambition exhaustion? If so, how do you manage it? How do you manage everything you want to do?

What are some of YOUR ambitions?

I’d love to hear your answers in the comments below!