From 2005-2007 I co-owned and ran Babble, an independent company that made buttons, stickers, and accessories.

Babble items were sold in stores and at events such as the Toronto Erotic Arts & Crafts Fair, Sassy Little Craft Show, and more. We also handled custom orders for bands, artists, and businesses in both Canada and the United States.

Babble held it’s own event, Button Fest, where artists, crafters, and button-makers of all kinds came together to showcase and sell their creations together.

Babble and it’s creations were covered in multiple publications in print and online, including NOW Magazine, Eye Weekly, Showcase television and an interview on SexTV (featuring our nipple and Kama Sutra buttons).

We decided to close Babble in 2007 when it’s success necessitated a level of growth that we weren’t willing to commit to at that point. Deciding instead to concentrate on our other artistic projects, we ended Babble on a happy note, having learned a lot about running a small business and making a lot of friends & connections along the way.