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Happy New Year! Welcome, 2013!

Happy New Year! Last year was amazing in a lot of ways (and really rough in other ways), but it was another jam-packed 12 months that I’m incredibly proud of. I have big expectations for 2013 and am excited to get things started right away. I’ll be busy with my creative creations, art-world involvement, and artistic adventures as well as… Read more →

Making Big Decisions: Go With Your Gut or Take Time to Consider?

“Quick decisions are unsafe decisions.” – Sophocles Is Sophocles right? Maybe. But that doesn’t mean that quick decisions are necessarily the wrong ones or that they will inevitably result in disaster. Perhaps they’re just a little riskier. How do you make big decisions?  I’m talking about life-altering, things-will-never-be-the-same, changing-the-course-and-meaning-of-my-existence kind of decisions. Do you go with your gut or do you… Read more →