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Desiree O - pop up art

Check Out My Piece in pop up art

Check out my piece “Pay Attention You’re Missing Things (V)” in pop up art, a “one-off, art for art’s sake, not-for-profit publication featuring the works of Guelph visual artists” put together by Jessica Lynn Avolio. Including artists that use a wide range of mediums, the collection is an impressive representation of the inspired art coming out of this amazingly creative city.… Read more →


New Year’s Resolution: The Twelve Month Artful Pledge, Part 2

I recently posted about my New Year’s Resolution which is to do the Guelph Art’s Council’s Twelve Month Artful Pledge. Well, GAC just sent out the second part of the pledge. Check it out: 2015 ARTS PLEDGE PART TWO July: Attend August: Share September: Listen October: Engage November: Donate December: Buy There’s still time to do your own artful pledge, so be… Read more →