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33 Reasons Why 33 Will Be Awesome

I turned 33 on the 3rd and I suspect this will be another wonderful year for me. Why? Here are 33 reasons why 33 will be awesome: My family is always the number 1 reason any year is awesome. 3 is my favourite/lucky number, so being 33 should be positive. I’m in my mid-mid-thirties, which is a great spot in life.… Read more →

@DesireeO & @CANArtsConnect on Molson’s Paint With a Tweet Mural

Molson recently conducted an art project where Twitter users RT’d or used a hashtag (#MolsonM_Art) and in turn would appear on a mural being created in downtown Toronto. Molson M has commissioned celebrated international artist Kustaa Saksi to create a mural in his signature modern psychedelic, radiant style that will unfold with every tweet to #MolsonM_Art. The mural will come… Read more →

Street Art 12 - 05-09-12

Street Art – 05/09/12

I was out for a walk and came across some more street art. Figures, flowers, and a snail with a rocket-pack! Be sure to take a look (click on the gallery thumbnails to see the full pic). * Note: The pics are mine. The street art is not. If you know who the artist is, be sure to let me… Read more →

Mismatched Socks and Rainbow Legwarmers (a.k.a. things that make me feel understood and loved)

These are my mismatched socks and rainbow legwarmers. The socks are meant to be mismatched – they came that way, along with a third completely different sock. The socks and legwarmers are both unbelievably cool, in my opinion. They are perfectly me. Right down to the fact that I technically hate socks – so these are ideal since I can… Read more →