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Will You Watch (and Love to Hate) Gallery Girls? “The art world is super cutthroat”

Oh, reality TV! You’re such a guilty pleasure for so many. And I’ll admit, from time to time, I’m drawn into your scripted “real-life” drama (and I LOVE every minute of it…even when I’m ridiculously shreiking at the TV: “No! NOOOO! You have to send So&So home or I swear to sh*t, I’m not watching next week!…So, have they shown next week’s… Read more →

Work of Art - Season 2 cast

Work of Art: The Next Great Artist (Season 2)
Are YOU Watching?

Reality show + Art = Dream Come True! Engaging creative types, contestant conflicts, demanding challenges, established guests, painfully awkward judgments and eliminations, and of course, the mandatory reality show meltdowns. Season 1 was amazing. Season 2 is turning out to be just as awesome. “Each week, contestants are faced with the challenge of creating unique pieces in a variety of mediums… Read more →