Damien Hirst – The First Look [video]

A lot has been said about Damien Hirst.

Even more has been said about his art.

But check out this video (below) that not only includes a peek at his career, but also an interview that captures his thoughts on his work, peoples’ reactions to it, and the career that has made him one of the most famous (and wealthy) living artists of our time.

“One of the most important and influential artists of his generation, Damien Hirst provokes debate. Whatever you may think of his work, the original Young British Artist helped make art headline news and put Britain firmly on the contemporary art map.

On the eve of his first major retrospective in the UK, Damien Hirst takes surrealist comedian and fellow artistic maverick Noel Fielding on an exclusive walk through his show at Tate Modern, providing a behind-the-scenes look at this landmark exhibition and a body of work spanning more than two decades.

They chat about Hirst’s career highs and lows, which, together with high-profile interviews and archive footage, gives unprecedented access to the artist and his art.” [Channel 4]

[Tip via Melissa Mercier. Be sure to check out Melissa’s wonderful photograhpy HERE.]