Desirée O and Unsplash: A Match Made in Photography, Social Media, and Community Building Heaven

Unsplash _ logo Desiree O - July 2014 - orig

When I start work for the day (in my fully set-up home office where I’ve worked remotely and successfully for years), I sit down at my desk with a cup of coffee, a tiny chihuahua pup on my lap, and a huge smile on my face.


rainbow typing

RAINBOWS! SPARKLY RAINBOWS! When I turn on my computer, it’s like wonderful sparkly rainbows shoot out of my monitor.

Why? Because I love what I do. Because what I do is…

…and this:
social media

And that’s perfect for me, because I love photography, because I love social media, because…

i love my job

It’s true.

Although you don’t have to take my word for it. Klout thinks I’m an expert in art and artists and those I’ve worked with think my top skill is social media. But if you’d like your own glimpse into my online self (*coughBRANDcough*), you can find me on Twitter, FacebookInstagramtumblr, and LinkedIn.

I love social media and community building just as much as I love photography and curation, and this is why I’d think I’d be a perfect match with Unsplash and would love to apply for the Unsplash Community position.

Unsplash _ hiring

Why, I’d love to! Please check out bohemianizm (yes, the small ‘b’ is intentional, not a spelling mistake, I assure you). A project I created and run myself, it fully incorporates my love of art, online curation, community building, and social media.

bohemianizm - blk txt blue z

Started in July of 2015, it has already attracted a dedicated readership which includes a new featured artist every day and a social media following that grows daily (bohemianizm’s Twitter account currently reaches over 60,000 followers).

My work in the online art scene throughout the years has allowed my to make lasting connections with artists and curators from all over the world as well as others in the industry and I would love to engage my network with the opportunities that Unsplash offers.

The fact that I love what I do means that I’m incredibly dedicated and willing to work as hard as I can at whatever is in front of me.


I can do the same for Unsplash, creating unique and engaging content for the community.

i like cats

Well, perhaps content that’s a little more in depth and relevant (although who doesn’t love cats, amirite?!). For instance, here are some collections I’ve curated myself using Unsplash images:

I get to see the world through the eyes of artists and I get to help share what the artists see with the world. How incredible is that?

I would love to discuss how I could use my skills and talents to continue to nurture and grow Unsplash and its awesome potential.

Thank you so much! I look forward to the possibility of working together!