@DesireeO & @CANArtsConnect on Molson’s Paint With a Tweet Mural

Molson recently conducted an art project where Twitter users RT’d or used a hashtag (#MolsonM_Art) and in turn would appear on a mural being created in downtown Toronto.

Molson M has commissioned celebrated international artist Kustaa Saksi to create a mural in his signature modern psychedelic, radiant style that will unfold with every tweet to #MolsonM_Art. The mural will come to life on a giant scale on a King St. wall just West of Church Street in Toronto. The ultimate goal: a beautiful artwork which will include up to 20,000 Twitter handles for the public to enjoy, and a matching $1 donation for each tweet, up to $20,000 to the Canadian Art Foundation for the advancement of art in Canada. [CNW]

Art? Twitter? Done!

Of course, I RT’d the hashtag (on both my own Twitter account and Canada Arts Connect’s).

A little while later, I received a tweet with the pic above to let me know that both myself and CAC were included. CAC is the ninth “@” down in the pic and I’m the tenth.

The Molson M “Paint with a Tweet” Project. The world’s first twitter-powered mural. You tweeted and 100 feet of art unfolded. Molson M also donated $1 to the Canadian Art Foundation for every tweet. You helped support art in Canada and Molson M made you famous for doing it. 30 days, 10,000 tweets and $20,000 donated. Thanks for being a part of it. [paintwithatweet.molsonm.com]

Check out the full mural here: