5 Finger, Wrist, & Hand Exercises

I use my hands…A LOT. As most writers, artists, and musicians do. Which means my fingers, hands, and wrists hurt…A LOT. I’ve spent plenty of time trying to track down exercises to treat the aches, stiffness, and occasional tingling I experience.

Here are a few finger, wrist, and hand exercises I’ve come up with or have found:

1. Sign the alphabet:

Signing the alphabet (or any other sing language that you may know) is a great way to keep your fingers, hands, and wrists stretching and switching into various positions that you (possibly) don’t normally use.

2. Exercises for tendinitis (tendonitis) and carpal tunnel (cps):

3. Exercises for tingling fingers and hands:

“Tingling fingers, sometimes accompanied by numbness, can be a sign of many different things. In some cases it may be something serious that requires medical attention, especially if it happens often. But in other cases it may be something associated with lack of blood flow from exercising or lack of movement for long periods of time. It could also be due to ailments like carpal tunnel syndrome and arthritis. If the tingling is not something serious, you may be able to treat it with some simple exercises.” – LiveStrong.com.

Click here to check out the exercises.

4. How to exercise muscles in the fingers: 

Photo Credit Polka Dot Images/Polka Dot/Getty Images. Via Live Strong.

“Whether gripping a ball or typing on a keyboard, you often put your fingers to physical use in sports and everyday functioning. Exercising your fingers can help reduce the risk of sustaining sports or repetitive motion injuries. According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, performing exercises to strengthen and increase blood flow to your fingers may help prevent carpal tunnel syndrome. You can stretch and strengthen your finger muscles and improve their range of motion with extending, flexing, lifting, rotating and grasping exercises.”  – LiveStrong.com.

Click here to check out the exercises.

5. Exercise Equipment for Your Fingers, Hands, and Wrists:

You don’t need anything fancy to keep your hands nimble and strong. Try these…

  • A ball you can squeeze (added bonus: good stress reliever):

  • Balls you can spin (added bonus: if you get the metal ones, they are nice & cool and can sooth aching fingers & hands):

  • Hand exerciser (added bonus: you’ll look pretty badass if you walk around squeezing one of these):

Do you do any exercises to help your fingers, hands, and/or wrists? Please let me know in the comments below!