H&M Does Dragon Tattoo, New Canadian Tattoo Magazine, Death of TV, and First Kiss (Ever!) on Wedding Day

Here is a list of awesome, interesting, amazing, (and awkward!) things I’ve come across this week:

H&M’s “Dragon Tattoo” Collection

When an author crafts the image and look of their characters, it can be a thorough and painstaking process of delving into their true nature and finding the best way to exhibit it outwardly.

I’m not sure how many consider how the style of their character will look on H&M racks.

Especially when we’re talking about Lisbeth Salander.

“David Fincher’s adaptation of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo is one of the most anticipated films of the year; beyond the murder-heavy, not-exactly-popcorn-material plot […] a lot of the hype is due to The Girl herself.  After months of speculation over who would play asocial hacker Lisbeth Salander, the first photos of a black-haired, pierced, fully-transformed and hauntingly strange-beautiful Rooney Mara appeared– and it was clear that Salander had some serious icon potential.

Stylist Trish Summerville told W Magazine she was look[ing] at “old punk photographs” and used a dark, muted color palette (like the almost-grey-scale urban environment of the film) when creating Salander’s signature style.  Summerville says Salander’s clothes are meant to look lived-in, that “her jackets serve as armor to shield her from the world.”” [BUST]

Canadian tattoo magazine to be launched this spring

This could be good. (Please be good.)

“Focusing on Canadian tattoo artists, body modification artists and alternative lifestyle, Xalt will be the first print magazine of its kind, shining the spotlight on Canada’s unique talent and striving to exalt artforms often considered to be fringe. […] through in-depth interviews and stunning photography – an inside look at established and up-and-coming artists, as well as give them a taste of alt lifestyles, such as roller derby, punk etc. Also included will be fashion and lifestyle products.” [Canadian Magazines]

The Death of Television May Be Just 5 Years Away

Do you watch TV anymore? Or do you do most of your viewing online?

“It could take as little as five years for television as we know it — broadcast and cable — to enter its final death throes. (…) The culprit: young people and new households who just aren’t interested in signing up for paid cable and satellite TV service.”

They say we can tell what will happen to traditional television by looking at what happened to the phone. “The collapse of the telephone took just five years.” [Business Insider]

“Virgin Diaries” Pair Share Their First (Unbelievably Awkward) Kiss On Their Wedding Day

Are you ready to watch the most painfully awkward thing EVER?!! Seriously, Ryan & Shanna (from TLC’s “Virgin Diaries“) claim they have not only never had sex, but they’ve also never even kissed. Actually, he says he’s never kissed any woman on the lips.

And yes, the kiss is just as bad as you’re thinking it will be. Actually, worse. Much worse.

To make it even more painful to watch, they talk about how they think their first time having sex will happen — step by step. “…We’ll both have our robes on. And then we’ll slowly take our robes off and then do foreplay…” [toofab]

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