How Do You Judge the Importance of Art?

Damien Hirst: ‘The Stone Roses are more important than Picasso’

Hirst…is one of a host of celebrities to have contributed their memories of The Stone Roses ahead of their hugely anticipated shows at Manchester’s Heaton Park this weekend.

Writing in the gigs’ official programme…Hirst simply writes: “The Stone Roses are more important than Picasso.”


Since there’s no justification given behind the statement (at least not one mentioned in the article), I’m leaning towards thinking that this is one of those soundbites that Hirst throws out to get people talking (it’s not quite claiming you’re bigger than Jesus, but you get the point).

But it did get me thinking…

How do you judge the importance of art?

Is it the impact it has on the world…culture…society…history…yourself?

And how do we compare what/who is MORE important? Especially when comparing artists working in different mediums?