Introducing Canada Arts Connect Magazine!

I’ve been working away on the super-gigantic new Canada Arts Connect extension, Canada Arts Connect Magazine, and after tinkering here and there trying to get things just right, I launched it to the world on Monday.

I’ve had a great response right from the start including lots of messages of congrats, listings (job AND Directory), and even launched a contest with Soulpepper Theatre.

So far, so awesome!

You can find Canada Arts Connect Magazine at:
And you can find Canada Arts Connect as always at:

Here’s a little bit about the new Canada Arts Connect Magazine

Canada Arts Connect Magazine is a website offering a look into the world of Canadian visual art, literature, dance, theatre, film, television, music, craft, fashion, and anything else creative!

Based on a magazine-like format and regularly updating with articles, interviews, reviews, contests, promotions, resources, and more, Canada Arts Connect Magazine aims to satisfy anyone in (or interested in) the Canadian arts.

Canada Arts Connect Magazine is an extension of Canada Arts Connect, where Canadian Artists, Writers, Musicians, Photographers, Actors, Dancers, Designers, (and all other arts professionals) connect with jobs, opportunities, resources, and each other.

Supported by the thousands of artistic professionals that visit the site each day, the Canada Arts Connect community continues to grow in order to offer its readers what it is looking for in the realm of Canadian arts.