Mismatched Socks and Rainbow Legwarmers (a.k.a. things that make me feel understood and loved)

These are my mismatched socks and rainbow legwarmers. The socks are meant to be mismatched – they came that way, along with a third completely different sock.

The socks and legwarmers are both unbelievably cool, in my opinion. They are perfectly me.

Right down to the fact that I technically hate socks – so these are ideal since I can just grab what I need on those rare occasions I have to wear them (like today when glass broke everywhere and I was terrified to step on a little unseen shard).

What makes them extra awesome is that they were both Christmas presents from last year. The socks from my mom. The legwarmers were from my partner.

I often wear them together just as you see in the pic. They are most comfy worn with tights and a shirt that is just as colourful as the legwarmers. Today the tights are black and the shirt is a tank-top with stripes in two shades of bright pink.

Earlier I also had a greenish-blue hair-band on (which was also something my mom brought me because she knows I love wearing things in my hair).

But, back to the mismatched socks and rainbow legwarmers.

Why do I love them so much?

Other than being super comfy and wonderfully me, as I mentioned before…these gifts show how well my family knows me.

That’s not always easy when you’re an artist…when you’re a bohemian…when you follow the beat of your own drum…when you’re “different.” Whatever you want to call it.

Not every family understands. Mine does. Maybe not everything, all the time…but enough, when it really matters.

And this makes me feel loved. It also makes me feel like I have the funkiest family ever! …I mean, c’mon! How cool are these socks and legwarmers?!!