My Warhol: “Actress Shoots Andy Warhol”

Warhol Shot Headline 1 by Desiree O - with name

What would you create if you had to make a Warhol-inspired piece? I had to do just that for my Warhol course and I came up with “Actress Shoots Andy Warhol”.

Perhaps not the most cheerful title/subject-matter, we were asked to submit three sentences to explain our work (“1, you should explain how you chose the image that you appropriated for your work. In sentence 2, you should explain why you chose to use analogue or digital methods, and the challenges that these presented to you. In sentence 3, you should justify the aesthetic decisions that you made (cropping, repetition, colour use, etc).”) and here’s mine:

1. I decided to use the image of the front page story of the newspaper regarding the shooting of Warhol. I decided to use this because I think it combines to things that Warhol himself focused on: Celebrity (his own in this case) as well as Death (although he managed to avoid it this time). I specifically chose this one because it blatantly addresses the shooting as well as includes a picture of the shooter, Valerie Solanas.

2. I decided to use digital methods because I liked the contrast it created between the aged look of the old newspaper. It challenged me to create a balance between the old look and the new.

3. I decided to use four squares/repetitions because I felt that the image I was using was busy enough. I cropped the image so that it included the full headline as well as a glimpse of the newspaper name for context and a glimpse of the photo for both visual/contextual interest – I didn’t use the full newspaper name or image because I wanted to leave them with a glimpse while making the headline the main focus. I used bright colours to contrast with the dark connotations of a shooting/death.

Warhol Shot Headline 2 by Desiree O - with name

Here’s an earlier version (I liked the colours, but wanted a pic of the shooter, Valerie Solanas) and a glimpse of the newspaper title:

Warhol Shot Headline 1 by Desiree O - with name

So, whatcha think?