New Music: Emm Gryner’s Northern Gospel

3-time Juno Award nominee Emm Gryner has recently released her 11th album, Northern Gospel – aptly titled for songs recorded in Algoma, Ontario and with content that is admittedly “a lot of Canadiana.”

“The album brings together some old favourites and some new gems, all stitched together with a common thematic thread: it’s never a Gryner album without a little heartache, but with a whole lot of hope thrown in for good measure.” []

Engineered by Joe Corcoran, the album was produced by “longtime Gryner cohort” Stuart Brawley (Don Henley, Emmy Rossum) who worked with her on “The Original Leap Year.”

“It’s kind of a crazy thing because we dated so there was that added advantage of really knowing someone…I think there’s this trust. He knows how my voice works and what fuels my voice emotionally, and he also knows if I ask him about something, I’m going to change my mind! I think with other producers there was always: ‘I don’t really know. What mood is this person in? Are they just doing it for the money?’ And it’s nice to not have those questions.” [ Entertainment]

The album is typically personal, even “confessional.” “Just a little bit of ‘let’s come clean about a couple of things,’ at the risk of having some discomfort with people that you’re close to,” she says of the album’s subject matter. “It doesn’t ever feel worth it for me unless you go there, and especially now. I guess I feel like I want to make something that Ronan is proud of as well.”

Ronan would be her new son, born in February 2010 with husband and visual artist Sean Odell.

When listening, you’re struck immediately with the familiar sounds of Canadian influences. But each song is strongly infused with Gryner’s personal touch.

Check out Emm Gryner’s Northern Gospel here and catch her on tour for the album here.

You can also find her on her website, Twitter and Facebook.

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