New Music: Niki and the Dove

“Mystery hangs around this band, both on record and, especially, in person: whether it’s the conspiratorial whispering with each other in Swedish, the conversations punctuated by Malin’s childlike yelps of laughter, or Gustaf’s tangential flights of fancy, it’s like stepping into another world.”

I was definitely in the mood for something upbeat as I scanned the music that popped into my inbox this week. Hence Niki and the Dove. Gustaf Karlöf and Malin Dahlström are a Swedish pop duo who have just released their new EP, ‘The Drummer’ on Mercury Records.

“They make the kind of pop music only Scandinavians seem capable of: all strident and immediate on the one hand but also curiously knotty and multi-layered, with each song marrying lyrical complexity with clattering percussion and joyful dollops of synth.” [The Guardian]

If you check out their music on Soundcloud, I’d suggest starting with Mother Protect and Winterheart. Seriously, don’t they both belong on a soundtrack? Yes. Yes, they do.

I wasn’t sure about a couple of their songs, but have to admit, I fell in love with DJ Ease My Mind when I saw the video (below Mother Protect) — I now want to fling around on ropes all day to funky music!).


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