30 Day Photography Challenge 2

30 Day Photography Challenge

I’ve decided to do a 30 Day Photography Challenge on top of the 365 Day Photography Challenge I’m already doing. Here’s why… The 365 Day Photography Challenge – which I titled “A Full Year of Kicking Imagery Ass” – has been a great way for me to continue to take pics daily, but with less of a focus on perfection or professionalism… Read more →

The Art and Archaeology of Ancient Nubia - 1

Studying the Art and Archaeology of Ancient Nubia

Over the past few months, I’ve successfully passed Live!: A History of Art for Artists, Animators and Gamers, Warhol: Celebrity, Sex, Money, Death, and Marriage and the Movies: A History. I really enjoyed the courses and so on to the next! I’m in week seven of The Art and Archaeology of Ancient Nubia with Emory University. This course examines the development… Read more →

33 blue

33 Reasons Why 33 Will Be Awesome

I turned 33 on the 3rd and I suspect this will be another wonderful year for me. Why? Here are 33 reasons why 33 will be awesome: My family is always the number 1 reason any year is awesome. 3 is my favourite/lucky number, so being 33 should be positive. I’m in my mid-mid-thirties, which is a great spot in life.… Read more →

Warhol Shot Headline 2 by Desiree O - with name

My Warhol: “Actress Shoots Andy Warhol”

What would you create if you had to make a Warhol-inspired piece? I had to do just that for my Warhol course and I came up with “Actress Shoots Andy Warhol”. Perhaps not the most cheerful title/subject-matter, we were asked to submit three sentences to explain our work (“1, you should explain how you chose the image that you appropriated for… Read more →


Studying Marriage and the Movies: A History

I’m just finishing up my Live!: A History of Art for Artists, Animators and Gamers course and am zipping right along with my Warhol course. But why stop there? I started Marriage and the Movies: A History with Wesleyan University (through Coursera) at the same time as the Warhol course. Marriage and the Movies is taught by Jeanine Basinger, who is also… Read more →