Writing voraciously from the time I could make a mark on paper (or anywhere else), my first published poem appeared in an anthology when I was 10 years old.

Now, I push the boundaries of what the form will allow and where it can go.

While using various artistic mediums to introduce my work to a larger audience, you’re just as likely to find my poetry on a video or canvas as you are to find it in a book or magazine.·

You can find my poetry here:

The Optimisms Project

My poem:
Poetic Rocket Scientist


Matrix Magazine: New Feminsims

My poems:
Feminism Dot Com
Third Wave Feminism


Other Tongues: Mixed-Race Women Speak Out
Edited by Adebe De Rango-Adem and Andrea Thompson. Inanna Publications.

My poem:
Casting Call: Looking for White Girls and Latinas


ditch, poetry that matters

Click here to check out my page of poems.

My poems:
Bathtub of Pomegranate Seeds
Bring Apples to the Table
More Skin Than Gender
Names in the Phone Book


The Incongruous Quarterly
Guest editor: Karen Correia Da Silva
Poetry theme: “collage”

My poems:
Magazine B
Magazine E

You can also check out an overview of the issue here, which includes guest fiction editor Saleema Nawaz and a music section with “unpublishable” tracks from awesome acts like Holy Fuck!


Feminism FOR REAL: Deconstructing the Academic Industrial Complex of Feminism
Edited by Jessica Yee.
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives.

My poems:
After the Third Wave (click here to read)
Challenging Your Textbook-isms

#57 on Ms. Magazine’s
Top 100 Feminist Non-Fiction Countdown


The Shakespearean Rag
Check out my response to Steven W. Beattie’s question, “Why should people read poetry? (Or, to turn the question on its head: Why do you write poetry?)”

Including my poem:


Steel Bananas (#27) Neo-Canadiana

My poems:
Queen W.
Stages of this Land


dead (g)end(er)
issue three – Spring, 2012

My poems:
Gideon (and I) Undressed
Standing In Impossible Places