Renovate at Project Rebuild, A Collaborative Poetry Project

“Move in & rennovate the poems of Larissa Lai, a.rawlings, David McGimpsey, Ray Hsu and dozens more in this collaborative poetry project initiated by Sachiko Murakami.”

Sachiko Murakami, author of The Invisibility Exhibit and Rebuild (coming Fall 2011), has announced the launch of Project Rebuild.

Project Rebuild allows visitors to move in to any poem/house in the neighbourhood. On the page of any poem, click on “renovate” and the poem becomes editable in a textbox. Change the nouns. Throw out the verbs. Bring in the big delete-button bulldozer and start fresh. Your poem will become a new house in the neighbourhood.

Project Rebuild challenges the notion that the poems we write belong to us, that we are anything but temporary residents in the tenement house. Poetry is a community project in which we are all participants: poems are written in context and in conversation. Project Rebuild hopes to extend an invitation to that conversation, to you.

The door is open. Come on in. Read. Write. Renovate.

The first residents of the neighbourhood were:

Jason Christie
Roger Farr
Emily Fedoruk
Jennica Harper
Ray Hsu
Larissa Lai
Alex Leslie
April Martin
Lisa McInnis
Meredith Quartermain
Nikki Reimer
Jacqueline Turner
Rita Wong

Check out the post I’ve done up on Canada Arts Connect Magazine with a full explanation from Sachiko Murakami here.

Or head over to Project Rebuild to start your own renovations now by clicking here.