Saying “Goodbye” to Shameless Women!

That’s right! After a lot of consideration and accepting that it’s time to move on, I’ve decided to say “Goodbye” to Shameless Women!

In October 2008 I created the online column for Shameless Magazine. The aim was to profile positive female role models for young women. Over two and a half years I interviewed over 60 women from different professions, causes, backgrounds, ethnicities, orientations, and anything/everything else.

During my time at Shameless Magazine, I also wrote articles and posts on various topics relevant to “girls who get it.” Along with appearing on the website, many of my pieces were also featured in the print version of the magazine.

It was an awesome ride and I’d like to thank all of the amazingly shameless women I interviewed as well as the ladies at the magazine itself.

I’ll always be proud to be a Shameless Woman!

Click here if for a few of my articles and a full list of interviews.