Studying Warhol: Celebrity, Sex, Money, Death


University-of-Edinburgh-logoAs my Live!: A History of Art for Artists, Animators and Gamers winds down, I’m starting a new course next week (April 21, 2014) with the University of Edinburgh developed in partnership with the Tate and the National Galleries of Scotland (again through Coursera).

This course, simply called Warhol, focuses on the iconic artist and his work “through exploration of five thematic framings of his life and career: celebrity; sex; money; death; and time.”

It will:

  • Explore why Warhol has international standing both within and beyond the art establishment;
  • Examine how artistic worth and value is constructed and attributed;
  • Interrogate some of Warhol’s main thematic concerns and major creative innovations;
  • Position Warhol in relation to major artistic movements of the 20th century (Dada, minimalism, Pop Art, structuralism, etc).

You can find out more about the course as well as a video introduction here.

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  1. I came here through your Twitter. It was a weird coincidence that I was watching videos from the Warhol course when I viewed your website and saw this post. Nice to stumble upon a fellow peer from Coursera.

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