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New Items in My Shop: NOTEBOOKS!

Check out my Shop page (or, ya know, right below) for some awesome new notebooks featuring my art! You Can’t See The Forest For The Trees I notebook $15.95 You Can’t See The Forest For The Trees II notebook $15.95 You Can’t See The Forest For The Trees III notebook $15.95 Pay Attention You’re Missing Things V notebook $15.95 Pay… Read more →

Does an artist have to talk about their art?

I’ve written about the responsibilities of the artist before. When I asked what those responsibilities might be, I received a lot of different answers: to “create a pathway to experience.” – dsharpdavis “…to suspend time, even if just for a moment.” – Jacqueline W. “…to evoke, invoke and provoke” – Bartlett Gallery to “…poke into the edges we haven’t gone into or dare… Read more →

Is Your Studio Your Temple? (And Marilyn Manson Teaches an Art Class)

To many artists (and true art-lovers) art is their spirituality, their faith, their religion – leading their path, teaching them philosophies, morals, ethics, belief-systems, connecting them with with their own selves, humanity, nature, truths, a higher force (?) like nothing else can. So does that make an artist’s studio (or wherever it is that they work) their temple? A studio… Read more →

Roles & Responsibilities of Art / the Artist

Not that it’s anything new, but I’ve noticed a lot of “The point of art is…” and “It’s an artist’s responsibility to…” statements lately and it always interests me when people make definitive remarks about something that can mean/do so many things. I wrote the above on Canada Arts Connect last week (…um…did I just quote myself?) along with asking… Read more →