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Living Daily In Modest Happiness // Yayoi Kusama

Living daily in modest happiness Infinity nets Increment in the Spring Star of early Spring Water drops from the Universe Rain in the evening glow Flowers that bloom tomorrow Seeking the soul Seeking the beautiful eyes High heels for going to Heaven Golden shoe   Purple sea Infinity dots In the insomnia night river Longing for eternity Time goes by,… Read more →

Pay Attention You're Missing Things V Note Books - side

New Items in My Shop: NOTEBOOKS!

Check out my Shop page (or, ya know, right below) for some awesome new notebooks featuring my art! You Can’t See The Forest For The Trees I notebook $15.95 You Can’t See The Forest For The Trees II notebook $15.95 You Can’t See The Forest For The Trees III notebook $15.95 Pay Attention You’re Missing Things V notebook $15.95 Pay… Read more →

Does an artist have to talk about their art?

I’ve written about the responsibilities of the artist before. When I asked what those responsibilities might be, I received a lot of different answers: to “create a pathway to experience.” – dsharpdavis “…to suspend time, even if just for a moment.” – Jacqueline W. “…to evoke, invoke and provoke” – Bartlett Gallery to “…poke into the edges we haven’t gone into or dare… Read more →

Is Your Studio Your Temple? (And Marilyn Manson Teaches an Art Class)

To many artists (and true art-lovers) art is their spirituality, their faith, their religion – leading their path, teaching them philosophies, morals, ethics, belief-systems, connecting them with with their own selves, humanity, nature, truths, a higher force (?) like nothing else can. So does that make an artist’s studio (or wherever it is that they work) their temple? A studio… Read more →

Roles & Responsibilities of Art / the Artist

Not that it’s anything new, but I’ve noticed a lot of “The point of art is…” and “It’s an artist’s responsibility to…” statements lately and it always interests me when people make definitive remarks about something that can mean/do so many things. I wrote the above on Canada Arts Connect last week (…um…did I just quote myself?) along with asking… Read more →