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Getting to Live Your Dream (take a peek at a quote from me on canada.com)

Thanks to Patricia Tomasi for including a quote from me in her article, From push-over to taskmaster to greatest boss ever: Managing myself in a dream world on canada.com. In today’s tech age, it’s easier than ever to create the job of your dreams, which incidentally, turns into the life of your dreams. Case in point: Desirée Ossandon, CEO & Editor-in-Chief of… Read more →

The Story of Canada Arts Connect

In 2008, I started a little blog called Canada Arts Connect. CAC is now a booming national business with members, listings, programs, and an online magazine with columnists and guest writers who cover all areas of the arts (i.e. visual arts, music, literature, dance, theatre, film, TV, fashion, craft, design, and more). To find out more about how Canada Arts… Read more →

Happy 5th Anniversary to Canada Arts Connect!

March marks the 5th anniversary of Canada Arts Connect! Woooooooooooooooo! If you still don’t know about my biz (and why don’t you, may I ask?!! ;)), it began as a little blog and is now a national arts community that includes memberships, listings, upcoming programs, and an online magazine. Check out Canada Arts Connect here and Canada Arts Connect Magazine… Read more →

Happy New Year! Welcome, 2013!

Happy New Year! Last year was amazing in a lot of ways (and really rough in other ways), but it was another jam-packed 12 months that I’m incredibly proud of. I have big expectations for 2013 and am excited to get things started right away. I’ll be busy with my creative creations, art-world involvement, and artistic adventures as well as… Read more →

Roles & Responsibilities of Art / the Artist

Not that it’s anything new, but I’ve noticed a lot of “The point of art is…” and “It’s an artist’s responsibility to…” statements lately and it always interests me when people make definitive remarks about something that can mean/do so many things. I wrote the above on Canada Arts Connect last week (…um…did I just quote myself?) along with asking… Read more →