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Girls Love Skulls by Lora Zombie

Big Bang Kiss, Girls Love Skulls // Lora Zombie

Big bang kiss, creator of the Universe. Punks in outer space. Falling angel, out of gravity. Zombie love eating the moon.    Magic garden, adventure time. Space panda, follow the unicorn to kiss a unicorn. Love shock will come to take sadness away. ……….Sleep. ……….Scream. ……….Whatever.   Choose your weapon, bomb rider. ……….The protector. ……….The great escape. ……….War games. ……….Tank and a girl.  … Read more →


New Project: Poetry in Titles

I’ve started a little project here on my site called Poetry in Titles. There are so many incredible artists who inspire what I do in different ways and in their work I see so many things, including poetry in their titles. To expand on that, my project will take the titles of pieces from an artist and work them together to create a poem. Maybe… Read more →

dead gender issue three 2

dead (g)end(er) is here!

I had been wanting… I had been waiting… And it’s here! My issue of dead (g)end(er) arrived and look at how beautiful it is! And it was very cool to discover that my poems are the last in the issue. It felt particularly suiting that it ended with Standing In Impossible Places. The last line is an interesting way to… Read more →

dead (g)end(er) magazine issue three cover by david o'connor

Two of my poems to be published in dead (g)end(er)!

I’m thrilled to let you know that two of my poems, Gideon (and I) Undressed and Standing In Impossible Places, will appear in the next issue of the super-awesome dead (g)end(er) magazine. TWENTY-ONE artists // FIVE countries // ONE magazine AUSTRALIA, ENGLAND, SCOTLAND, NEW YORK CITY, VANCOUVER, TORONTO, HAMILTON and NIAGARA are just a few of the amazing places that… Read more →