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What Google Has to Say About Artists

Others have tested Google’s opinion on various subjects and come up with incredibly interesting and insighful results. So Hyperallergic decided to see what the world’s most popular search-engine’s thoughts are when it comes to well-known artists. Last week, I was playing around on my gadgets and inadvertently discovered that Google has an opinion on art. So I decided to ask the all knowing… Read more →

How Do You Judge the Importance of Art?

Damien Hirst: ‘The Stone Roses are more important than Picasso’ Hirst…is one of a host of celebrities to have contributed their memories of The Stone Roses ahead of their hugely anticipated shows at Manchester’s Heaton Park this weekend. Writing in the gigs’ official programme…Hirst simply writes: “The Stone Roses are more important than Picasso.” [NME] Since there’s no justification given behind the… Read more →

Shauna Taylor, photographed with sticker to hide the vagina tattoo, for Garage magazine

Woman Gets Her Vagina Tattooed as Damien Hirst Art Piece:
Is it Objectification? Or Just Vagina Tattoo Art?

Getting your privates pierced is nothing new. Having them tattooed may be a little more unique. Having your vagina tattooed under the direction of a world-famous artist is…well, what is it? Is it art? Garage magazine has decided to debut with multiple covers of “living canvases.” Former POP editor Dasha Zhukova’s new fashion-meets-art magazine approached several artists – Jeff Koons,… Read more →