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Fashion…Food…Home Decor…Landscape Design – What’s Art and What Isn’t?

I run a website and online magazine for artistic-types. Writers, actors, dancers, visual artists, designers, and many other sorts. I like to include anyone who is doing artistic and creative things. Being a multi-disciplinary artist myself, I find mediums tend to blend together at times. I also find my artistic nature comes out in most areas of my life (i.e.… Read more →

Shauna Taylor, photographed with sticker to hide the vagina tattoo, for Garage magazine

Woman Gets Her Vagina Tattooed as Damien Hirst Art Piece:
Is it Objectification? Or Just Vagina Tattoo Art?

Getting your privates pierced is nothing new. Having them tattooed may be a little more unique. Having your vagina tattooed under the direction of a world-famous artist is…well, what is it? Is it art? Garage magazine has decided to debut with multiple covers of “living canvases.” Former POP editor Dasha Zhukova’s new fashion-meets-art magazine approached several artists – Jeff Koons,… Read more →