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Studying Marriage and the Movies: A History

I’m just finishing up my Live!: A History of Art for Artists, Animators and Gamers course and am zipping right along with my Warhol course. But why stop there? I started Marriage and the Movies: A History with Wesleyan University (through Coursera) at the same time as the Warhol course. Marriage and the Movies is taught by Jeanine Basinger, who is also… Read more →

Watch the Tiger Eyes movie trailer

“Cuando los lagartijos corren.” When I was young (I can’t remember exactly how young), I borrowed my older sister’s copy of Tiger Eyes. I fell in love and never ended up giving the book back. “A 17 year-old girl sets out on a journey from heartbreak and confusion to transformation as she discovers love and life after tragedy in ‘TIGER… Read more →

Short Animated Film Reinterprets Pablo Neruda’s ‘The Me Bird’ (VIDEO)

It would be impossible to discuss Chilean poet Pablo Neruda’s work without touching on how beautifully he captured the nature of his subjects. This short animation by 18bis of his poem, “The Me Bird,” does justice to the lovely images presented by Neruda in an alternative medium. Pablo Neruda’s poem, “The Me Bird,” is the Chilean writer’s ode to a… Read more →