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Feminism For Real made Ms. Magazine’s “Top 100 Feminist Non-Fiction Countdown”

I’m super proud that Feminism For Real, which contains two of my poems, made Ms. Magazine’s “Top 100 Feminist Non-Fiction Countdown” at number 57. The list includes remarkable work by women I admire, and since I think Feminism For Real is an incredibly important book (edited by the awesome Jessica Yee), this is really wonderful news. Be sure to check out the… Read more →

My poems published in Feminism FOR REAL

Be sure to pick up a copy of Feminism FOR REAL: Deconstructing the Academic Industrial Complex of Feminism, edited by Jessica Yee and published by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives. The book includes my poems “After the Third Wave” and “Challenging Your Textbook-isms.” Table of Contents: Full author and chapter listing. Facebook page for the book. The initial launch for the book will… Read more →