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Project Rebuild

Renovate at Project Rebuild, A Collaborative Poetry Project

“Move in & rennovate the poems of Larissa Lai, a.rawlings, David McGimpsey, Ray Hsu and dozens more in this collaborative poetry project initiated by Sachiko Murakami.” Sachiko Murakami, author of The Invisibility Exhibit and Rebuild (coming Fall 2011), has announced the launch of Project Rebuild. Project Rebuild allows visitors to move in to any poem/house in the neighbourhood. On the page of… Read more →

My art in Branch Magazine’s Pop issue!

Last summer: Roberutsu (one of Branch Magazine’s super-cool editors — the other being the awesome Gillian Sze) sends me a message asking if I’ll submit some of my work to their upcoming Pop issue. My response? Heck, yeah! Months later: I send off some work. Guest editor, Benny Lin sends me a message saying they will be including it. My response?… Read more →