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niki and the dove 2

New Music: Niki and the Dove

“Mystery hangs around this band, both on record and, especially, in person: whether it’s the conspiratorial whispering with each other in Swedish, the conversations punctuated by Malin’s childlike yelps of laughter, or Gustaf’s tangential flights of fancy, it’s like stepping into another world.” I was definitely in the mood for something upbeat as I scanned the music that popped into… Read more →

Shauna Taylor, photographed with sticker to hide the vagina tattoo, for Garage magazine

Woman Gets Her Vagina Tattooed as Damien Hirst Art Piece:
Is it Objectification? Or Just Vagina Tattoo Art?

Getting your privates pierced is nothing new. Having them tattooed may be a little more unique. Having your vagina tattooed under the direction of a world-famous artist is…well, what is it? Is it art? Garage magazine has decided to debut with multiple covers of “living canvases.” Former POP editor Dasha Zhukova’s new fashion-meets-art magazine approached several artists – Jeff Koons,… Read more →

My art in Branch Magazine’s Pop issue!

Last summer: Roberutsu (one of Branch Magazine’s super-cool editors — the other being the awesome Gillian Sze) sends me a message asking if I’ll submit some of my work to their upcoming Pop issue. My response? Heck, yeah! Months later: I send off some work. Guest editor, Benny Lin sends me a message saying they will be including it. My response?… Read more →