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Amphetamine Heart by Liz Worth

I Recommend Amphetamine Heart by Liz Worth on Advent Book Blog

Check out my recommendation for Amphetamine Heart by Liz Worth on the Advent Book Blog. Amphetamine Heart is a debut poetry collection that wanders through that disoriented time between insomnia and blackouts, drunkenness and desperation, with all of the possibilities that can sweep you away when you’re trapped in impossible places. Infused with punk and metal, it’s a collection that’s as hard… Read more →

Mother of Rock- Lillian Roxon

Mother of Rock – Lillian Roxon

“She looked like a Botticelli angel who’d just finished giving King Kong a blow job.” If that doesn’t pique your interest, I just don’t get you. But if you ARE curious, that line is from Mother of Rock – Lillian Roxon. “Witness to New York’s infamous punk scene, Lillian Roxon chronicled the movement during the 1960s and 70s. Roxon mingled with… Read more →