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Should Kelburn Castle Lose Its Outer “Psychedelic Art” and Be Restored? Even Against the Owner’s Wishes?

I love old buildings and respect the desire and need to preserve them. I also love public art and communities claiming spaces to make them beautiful through creative efforts. That’s what makes the issue of Kelburn Castle a tricky one. Kelburn Castle isn’t your typical 13th century Scottish castle and aristocratic estate. It’s an example of some of the best street art in… Read more →

Young Galaxy

New Music: Young Galaxy – Phantoms (video)

Currently on their UK and European tour, Young Galaxy will soon be returning to Canada for cross-country stops with labelmates Austra. I would definitely love to check out that show! Until then, the band has released a new video for ‘Phantoms’ which seems perfect for this time of year. The song captures the upbeat-yet-moody sound that’s popular right now (again, I’ll… Read more →