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Short Animated Film Reinterprets Pablo Neruda’s ‘The Me Bird’ (VIDEO)

It would be impossible to discuss Chilean poet Pablo Neruda’s work without touching on how beautifully he captured the nature of his subjects. This short animation by 18bis of his poem, “The Me Bird,” does justice to the lovely images presented by Neruda in an alternative medium. Pablo Neruda’s poem, “The Me Bird,” is the Chilean writer’s ode to a… Read more →

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FAILE on Art Talk [video]

Check out this great video with FAILE artists Patrick McNeil and Patrick Miller, which takes a look at their past work (see pics above) as well as their current project… “VICE and 42Below recently had the opportunity to collaborate with Brooklyn-based artists FAILE on their permanent installation, The 104 North 7th Project. The piece consists of thousands of handmade tiles designed by the artists,… Read more →


Rafaël Rozendaal Makes Websites as Art Pieces and Sells the Domain Names

If there are two things that are obvious about me from my choice of career, it’s that I love art and I love online culture (websites, blogging, social media, etc.). So I’m utterly and completely intrigued by Rafaël Rozendaal’s work. “Artist Rafaël Rozendaal, who makes websites as artworks and sells the domain names to guarantee exclusivity to the piece, believes domains are… Read more →