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“Cuando los lagartijos corren.”

When I was young (I can’t remember exactly how young), I borrowed my older sister’s copy of Tiger Eyes. I fell in love and never ended up giving the book back.

“A 17 year-old girl sets out on a journey from heartbreak and confusion to transformation as she discovers love and life after tragedy in ‘TIGER EYES.'” [Tiger Eyes Movie FB info]

I’ve read the story so many times and with each read I would feel just as connected to the characters and just as touched by their stories as I did the first time.

I can think of a number of reasons why I might have related to Tiger Eyes, but the fact is that it became very important to me.

I felt (in the way that readers do) that Davey (the main character) would have been my close friend. Wolf (the other main character)…well, I loved Wolf as I suspect many others did and as I suspect I still will when I reread the book as I intend to a.s.a.p

I remember being 11 or 12 and finding a tiger’s eye stone in a store and HAVING to purchase it.

In my last year of elementary school and my first year of high school, many of my art class projects were somehow related to lizards and many of them incorporated or were inspired by the phrase “Cuando los lagartijos corren” – When the lizards run. It’s a meaningful line in the book. It always stuck with me. To this day, it’s one of the first things I recall when I think of the story.

I still have that copy of Tiger Eyes. It sits on my shelf beside my bed with other treasured books.

So obviously, when I heard a Tiger Eyes movie was being made, I was beyond excited.

The film adaptation of the coming-of-age tale Tiger Eyes is co-written by Blume and her son, Lawrence Blume, who is also directing. “For years and years people would tell me they wanted to do something but they never know what they wanted to do,” Judy told Entertainment Weekly last year. “I wanted someone to feel passionately about it.”

I’m embarrassed to say it, but every time I see the movie I cry my eyes out,” said Judy Blume of the movie.

Starring Arrow’s Willa Holland (Kaitlin Cooper — you in there, girl??) as Davey Wexler, a 15-year-old whose mom moves their family from New Jersey to New Mexico after her husband/Davey’s father’s murder, and Tatanka Means as Wolf, a young man she meets in the canyon and is bitchy to at first but then they become bff — and maybe something a little more. [Jezebel]

The trailer for the movie has now come out and I’ve watched it. I cried. Perhaps if you don’t know the story, it won’t seem very emotional. But if you know the book, even the short glimpses of storyline are enough to wrench your heart.

I couldn’t be more excited to see this movie. And I’m sure I’ll end up owning it and really hope that I’ll end up treasuring it as much as my copy of the book.

I’ll just be sure to keep a box of tissues beside me every time I watch it.

“Life is a good adventure.”

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In theaters, Video On Demand, and iTunes June 7th, 2013.