Twelve Month Artful Pledge – February: Create

2015 is the year of the Twelve Month Artful Pledge and it’s time for February’s focus: Create.

createIt’s a cold and short month. Why not fill your time by creating something? It can be functional (like mittens) or beautiful (like a painting). It can involve words, clay, beads, paint, instruments, voice or movement— just create something!

It might not be the miracle cure for the cold and flu, but the benefits of creation in any artistic media have proven and well documented benefits to health and well-being. In 2010, the American Journal of Public Health published a review titled, The Connection Between Art, Healing, and Public Health . This peer reviewed article examined the findings of 100+ studies to reveal that creating art had positive health impacts on those who participated in the studies.

Besides the potential health benefits, creating can also open up new social connections and create new opportunities to engage with others. Our stories and histories are told and remembered through art and the creation of art engages its creators in an intimate form of self expression that can initiate learning, promote healing, find purpose, make a friend, and maybe, just maybe, you might have a little fun as well.

This will be an easy challenge for me as I’ve been spending the last few month’s doing pretty much nothing other than creating. I’ve been writing, making art, and putting together plans (which is a kind of creating in itself). February will be no different for me and I have plenty of creating in store to get me through this cold month.

What will you be creating this month?