Twelve Month Artful Pledge – May: Explore

2015 is the year of the Twelve Month Artful Pledge and it’s time for May’s focus: Explore.

exploreMay: Explore

Now that the weather is getting nicer, let’s commit to exploring some of the great assets that this city has to offer. Each and every Sunday from April-July and September-Mid November, Guelph Arts Council offers historical walking tours that showcase some of the city’s best buildings, stories, and creative spaces. These tours are $5 and are lead by our amazing volunteer guides. Not available on Sundays? The accompanying historical walking tour guide books are available for purchase at the Arts Council for only $5. If you’d like to be extra adventurous, they are also available at Guelph Public Libraries, and for purchase at The Bookshelf and Guelph Civic Museum. While there, you can explore some of the great history that is housed in the building as well as the Wall of Art program that features a juried and curated selection of work made by Guelph artists.

Other great places and events to explore include Wellington County Museum and Archives, Silence Guelph, Boarding House Arts, Guelph Potters Market, and the outdoor Donald Forster Sculpture Garden atMacdonald Stewart Art Centre. Exploration can also take place using theGuelph Arts Council Artist Directory or the Guelph Culture Map. Both of these sites host some pretty amazing artists and stories that are worthy of discovery. And who knows, you might just find exactly what you were looking for!

There’s little I love more than getting out & about during the warm weather. I love to take long walks around the city and find all of the little nooks & crannies that you can only come across if you’re wandering.

I’ll absolutely be taking advantage of the opportunities to explore the art, music, and creativity in my area this month.