Two of my poems to be published in dead (g)end(er)!

dead (g)end(er) magazine issue three cover by david o'connor

I’m thrilled to let you know that two of my poems, Gideon (and I) Undressed and Standing In Impossible Places, will appear in the next issue of the super-awesome dead (g)end(er) magazine.

TWENTY-ONE artists // FIVE countries // ONE magazine
AUSTRALIA, ENGLAND, SCOTLAND, NEW YORK CITY, VANCOUVER, TORONTO, HAMILTON and NIAGARA are just a few of the amazing places that the artists of issue three call home :)
check out the amazing issue three line-up:
Sandra ALLAND  /  Gary BARWIN  /  Eleanor BENNETT  /  Eugenia CATROPPA  /  Jeremy COLANGELO  /  Matthew DAVIES  /  Dillon DOUGLAS  /  Jennifer EMILY  /  Julie GEMUEND  /  Dan MANCHEGO-BADIOLA  /  
D. Cole OSSANDON  /  Dorota PANKOWSKA  /  Jamison SARTESCHI  /  Richard TRUHLAR  /  Jacqueline VALENCIA  /  Tracy VAN OOSTEN & Victoria JASKI  /  Bec WONDERS  /  Liz WORTH  /  Lisa YOUNG  /  Katie ZACK
this issue should be printed and available by the beginning of April– but, until then, you can PRE-ORDER your copy of issue three here! we’re offering a limited time %20 discount on all pre-orders that are made in the next few weeks!

Click here to visit dead (g)end(er) and order your very own copy.

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