Fashion…Food…Home Decor…Landscape Design – What’s Art and What Isn’t?

I run a website and online magazine for artistic-types. Writers, actors, dancers, visual artists, designers, and many other sorts. I like to include anyone who is doing artistic and creative things.

Being a multi-disciplinary artist myself, I find mediums tend to blend together at times. I also find my artistic nature comes out in most areas of my life (i.e. how I dress, how I decorate my home, how I arrange the food on my plate and blend flavours when I cook).

So where does art begin and end? Or does it? And what is art and what isn’t?


  • Graffiti / Street Art / Public Art
  • Fashion (design, styling)
  • Make-up Artistry
  • Body Art (tattoos, piercings, modifications)
  • Food Art (platingfood styling, Mukimono / fruit and vegetable carving)
  • Home Decor / Interior Design
  • Landscape Design

In your opinion, are they art?

What are other examples of creative disciplines that may or may not be considered art?