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Career Tips

30 Day Creative-Career Organizational Challenge

Creative Professional Success When Times Get Tough: 5 DOs and DON’Ts

5 Tips for Successfully Submitting Your Writing to a Publisher or Agent

7 Ways To Stay Calm Before an Interview or Audition

5 Ways to Stimulate Your Art (and Art Business) This Summer

5 Ways to Know that You Should Consider Collaborating with Other Artists, Musicians, Writers, and Creative Professionals

5 Things Every Artist Should Include on their Website (and 2 More Things They Should Consider Including)

10+ Awesome Business Card Ideas for Creative Professionals

What are Your Art and Creative Services Worth? Setting Prices That You’re Happy With

5 Obvious & 5 Less Obvious Things Bands / Musicians Can Do to Get Noticed

5 Things to Help You Focus When Working From Home

Canadian Poetry Accounts You Should Follow on Twitter and Facebook

6 Organizations Every Canadian Visual Artist Should Know About

How to Bounce Back From Rejection

Where to Find (and Reasons to Love) Online Learning Opportunities for Artists, Writers, Musicians, and Other Creative Professionals

How to Set Professional / Artistic Goals and Expectations

A Career in the Arts: Where to Begin – 4 Ways to Get Started Successfully

How Much Should You Be Paid for Your Art: CARFAC’s Minimum Fee Schedule for Artists

The Actors’ Fund of Canada: Emergency Financial Aid for Canadian Cultural Workers in Film & TV, Theatre, Music, and Dance

Valuable Information About Careers in Culture from the Cultural Human Resources Council

The Banff Centre Podcasts Free on iTunes U

Guides to Getting Published from The Writers’ Union of Canada

Writing Contests to Avoid

7+ Awesome Art Infographics

10+ Awesome Film / Movie Infographics

15+ Awesome Music Infographics You Need to Check Out


Creative Tips

Creative Challenge: Create Pieces Inspired by The Group of Seven

Creative Challenge: Create Pieces Inspired by the Rorschach Test (Ink Blots)

Creative Challenge: Create Pieces Inspired by Tweets

Creative Challenge: Create Pieces Inspired by Newspaper Clippings

101 Blogging Ideas for Artists

101 Blogging Ideas for Musicians and Bands

101 Blogging Ideas for Actors

101 Blogging Ideas for Dancers

5 Easy and Effective Ways to Challenge Yourself as a Painter

When It’s Time to Walk Away: How to Know When Your Piece is Finished

5 Unusual Ways Artists & Creative Professionals Can Brainstorm

5 Ways to Improve Your Poetry and Spark New Ideas (Plus Lists of Poetic Forms and Canadian Poetry Publishers)

5 Reasons Why Artists, Musicians, Filmmakers, and Other Creative Professionals Should Write Poetry

5 Tips for Using Images You Find Online and 3 Places to Find Free Images You Can Legally Use

Reasons Why You Should (and Shouldn’t) Enter Writing Contests and 10 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Enter a Contest

Journaling Your Creative Process: Ways it Can Benefit Anyone in an Artistic Field

5 Unusual Places to Find Inspiration

5 Ways to Find Your Niche

The Artist’s Studio: MOCAtv Offer Films and Interviews Investigating and Revealing the Artist’s Process

Alizarin to Zucchini: A Handy Alphabetical List of Colours

Check out Unsplash for Free Hi-resolution Photos Sent to You Every 10 Days [includes slideshow]

There’s Now a Bob Ross “The Joy of Painting” App

Andy Warhol Effect App: Create Your Own Colourful Pop-Art Pieces

Notegraphy: The App That Styles Any Text [includes video]

Archipad: A New iPad Sketching App for Designers

Curator: A New iPad App for Designers and Visual Thinkers

Apps That Let You Visit Museums Around the World

Over 500 Improv Games from Improv Encyclopedia

5 Books to Help You Write Better Poetry

5 Clever Ideas for Your Art Studio or Office

Art and Artist-Inspired Halloween Costumes


Creative Kids

Free Printable Famous Art Colouring Pages for Kids *Updated*

15 Questions to Ask Children at an Art Gallery

Stage Parent Survival Guide: A Must-Have for Parents of Canadian Child-Actors & Child-Performers

Group of Seven Word Search

Canadian Provinces and Territories Acrostic Poem Downloads

Kidffiti: Harmless Kiddie Street-Art or Fueling Future Vandals?

22 Musical-themed Colouring Pages for Kids

Barbapapas Art & Music-themed Colouring Pages

Shades of Turkeys and Pumpkin Pie: Thanksgiving Colouring Pages

A Halloween Scare in Canada: A Silly Spooky Story with Creepy Canadiana

Halloween Acrostic Poem Printables

Halloween Art and Crafts for Kids

15 Kids’ Art Activities for St. Patrick’s Day

10 Easter Art & Craft Activities for Kids

10 Kids’ Art & Craft Activities for Spring

5 Gardening Crafts for Kids

Child’s Own Studio: Creating Custom Toys from Your Children’s Art

Roll A Picasso Art Game: Pablo-Styled Faces Create Fun for Creative Children (and Adults!)

Giggle Poetry: A Website of Poetry Fun for Kids

Introduce Your Kids to Shel Silverstein’s Poetry with Animated Videos [includes videos]

25 Kids’ Art Printables for Spring

CAC Kids Checks Out Art Pocket Activity Fun & Games: Games and Puzzles, Fold-out Scenes, Patterned Paper, Stickers!

You Can Now Enroll Your Mini Musician in Baby DJ School



What You Need to Know About Getting (or Being) a Music Manager in Canada: An Interview With Burnt Tree Entertainment’s Jason Burns

Success in the Book Business (and Loving the Job!): An Interview with Canadian Literary Agent Samantha Haywood

What You Need to Know About Health Insurance for Artists: Interview with Actra Fraternal Benefit Society’s Jason Saulay

What Canadian Artists Need to Know About Taxes: An Interview with Artbooks

Claiming Space, Voices of Urban Aboriginal Youth: Interview with UBC’s Museum of Anthropology Curator Pam Brown

Where Business Meets the Arts: Interview with Nichole Anderson, President and CEO of Business for the Arts

Art With Heart: Interview with Casey House’s Steven Endicott Discussing the 21st Year of the Canadian Contemporary Art Event

CANVAS Artist Relief Campaign: Interview with Kristian Clarke on the Mission to Dispel the Moniker “Starving Artist” Within 50 Days

Perfect Pumpkin Carving Tips: Interview with Agnes Niewiadomski, Artist that Carves TSN’s NHL Pumpkins



Mozaa, The Game That Brings Out the Artist in You! (Review)

Craftivism: The Art and Craft of Activism (Review)

Everyone is a Designer in the Age of Social Media (Review)

Peeling Rambutan: New Poetry from Montreal’s Gillian Sze (Review)

The WORN Archive and the End of WORN Journal: The Art, Ideas, and History of What We Wear (Review) [Includes Video]

Study Of Pose: 1,000 Poses By Coco Rocha (Review)


New Canadian Music

Dancehall Domine by the New Pornographers [Includes 3D Video]

Vessel by Dan Mangan + Blacksmith

You and Me by You+Me – Alecia Moore (P!nk) and Dallas Green (City and Colour)

I’m Not Pretending by The Good Boys

Summer Sun by Slow Down Molasses

Wiser by Old Man Canyon [includes video]

Black Water by Reuben and the Dark [includes video]

Back To You by Billy the Kid

Killer by King Reign [includes video] – Examining “the potential consequences of Mayor Rob Ford”

Boys and Girls by The Balconies [includes video]

To Fall by Jessica Bundy

Curtains?! by Timber Timbre

Sweet Talking by Rob Mitchell

I Lost My Way by Matt Andersen

So Hard (To Love You) Acoustic by Alexa Ferr [includes video]

RUN RUN by The Number Line [includes video]

Good Guy by Lakefield [includes video]

88 by Lowell


Around the Creative World

Historian Discovers 800-Year-Old Medieval Doodles in Some of the World’s Oldest Books [Includes Slideshow]

Female Makeup Artist Transforms Herself Into Male Celebrities and Characters [Includes Slideshow]

Artist Inserts Mr. Bean Into Historical Portraits

Canadian Astronaut Chris Hadfield is Getting an ABC Sitcom Pilot

Archaeologists Have Found The “Mysterious” Dungeon Where Vlad Dracula Was Imprisoned

Patterns Created by Animals in Flight Revealed in GIFs

Courtney Love to Star in an Opera

There Are Now Plans for a Tetris Movie [Includes Video]

Toronto’s Bloor St. Culture Corridor Launches Mobile App

Animating the Art of Greek Vases [Includes Videos and GIFs]

100 Year-Old First Electronic Synthesizer is Up for Auction

2013 CWILA Numbers: Tracking the Ratio of Male to Female Writers in Canadian Literary Media

Phantom v2511: The “Ultimate” (High-Speed, High-Priced) Slo-Mo Camera [includes video]

Hello Ello: New Social Media Site Being Called the “First Truly Artist-Friendly” Platform

The Chemistry of the Colours of Autumn Leaves

New Evidence Emerges that Neanderthals Made Art Between 38,500 and 30,500 Years Ago

You Can Design A Shawl for Stevie Nicks and Get Paid $2,000

New York Public Library Puts 20,000 Hi-Res Maps Online and Makes Them Free to Use

First Superman Comic Sold for $3.2 Million in eBay Auction

Almost 500 Rembrandt Etchings Now Online [includes slideshow]

This is What Music Looks Like on Fire [includes video]

3D Printer That Gives Tattoos [includes video]

Harvard Discovers Three of Its Books are Bound with Human Skin [includes slideshow]

JRR Tolkien’s Translation of Beowulf to be Published

New Steve Jobs Memorial Statue is “Creepy,” “Hideous,” and “the Stuff Nightmares Are Made Of”

Build with Chrome Let’s Your Kids Create LEGO Masterpieces Online [with video]

17 year-old from Ontario Wins Doodle 4 Google Canada Contest

Canadian Musician Creates Her Own Game of Thrones Theme Song to Fix the “Horrible” Original One [Includes Videos]

Angry Birds Movie Will Be Made In Vancouver and Getty Images Work Together to Change Women’s Portrayal in Stock Photos

Catherine O’Hara and Eugene Levy Team Up for New TV Show Along With Eugene’s Son Dan Levy and Chris Elliott

Over 100 Women Artists Added to Wikipedia in One International Event [with slideshow]

A Back to the Future Musical is Coming

You Can Now Download and 3D Print Your Own Copies of Historic Art [includes slideshows]

Two Poems By Ancient Greek Poet Sappho Discovered

100,000+ Art Images and Books Free Online from the University of California, Getty Center, and Wellcome Library [includes slideshow]

Sobey Art Award Increases Total Prize Value to $100,000:

Seattle and Denver Museums Put Up Artwork in Superbowl Bet:

This Music Was Created Using Voyager Spacecraft Data

Scientists Believe They Have Identified the Exact Time and Date of a Monet Painting

Listen to the Only Recording of Virginia Woolf [includes video]

Loving Vincent: First Painted, Animated Film Brings the Story and Work of Van Gogh to Life [includes slideshow and video]

16th Century Apocalyptic Art Rediscovered [includes slideshow]

Italy Lets Citizens Vote (via Facebook) on Which Art to Save

X-Files’ Gillian Anderson is Writing a Science Fiction Series

Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute will be Renamed After Anna Wintour

Milli Vanilli Inspired Opera is Opening in Brooklyn

Photographer Chino Otsuka Inserts Herself Into Her Childhood Photos [includes slideshow]

TIME Selects an Instagram Photographer of the Year and it’s…David Guttenfelder With His Captivating Pictures of North Korea [includes slideshow]

Beethoven’s Sketchbook Page Expected to Sell For $200,000+

Man Gets a Tattoo Created By a Monkey [includes video]

Check Out Michelangelo’s Grocery List Complete With Illustrations

The British Library Has Published More Than a Million Images Online for the Public to ‘Remix and Re-purpose’ [includes slideshow]


Today in Canadian Art History

January 11, 1974 – National Ballet of Canada Founder Celia Franca Retires

January 14, 1790 – The First Opera was Performed in Canada

January 16, 1939 – Joe Shuster Published His First Self-titled Superman Comic Strip

February 26, 1997 – Rush Became the First Rock Musicians to be Inducted into the Order of Canada [includes video]

March 14, 1985 – Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Cats Opened in Toronto and Will Become the Most Successful Canadian Stage Production Ever [includes video]

April 10, 1928 – Canada Joined the Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works

April 24, 1897 – Halifax Symphony Orchestra Gave its Inaugural Concert at the Academy of Music

September 4, 1972 – The Largest Art Theft in Canadian History Occurred at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts / Musée des beaux-arts de Montréal

September 8, 1952 – CBC Television Debuts [includes video]

October 1, 1960 – Opening of the O’Keefe Centre for the Performing Arts (now the Sony Centre for the Performing Arts) with the Premiere of Camelot Starring Richard Burton, Julie Andrews and Robert Goulet

October 11, 2006 – Bon Cop, Bad Cop Beats Porky’s to Become the Top-Grossing Canadian Film of All Time in Domestic Box Office, But… [Includes Video]

October 13, 1833 – Canada’s First Art Gallery Opened in Quebec City by Painter Joseph Légaré


Quirky Creative Facts

“Slang” is Short for “Shortened Language”

Shakespeare Invented Around 1,700 Words

Some Rainbows Only Have One Colour

Pupaphobia is the Fear of Puppets


Tutorial Round-Ups

Creating Complex Spray-paint Stencils by Hand, DIY Pencil Clutch, Make Waves Like Hokusai

Paint Brush and Glass Holder, DIY Spoon Ring, Fabric Covered Books

DIY Notebook Tea-cloth, Sharpie Design Fabric, Knitted Knob Handles

Simple Camera Lens Filter, DIY Pouf, Wire Word Rings

Maple Leaf Fusible Fleece Mini Quilt, Upcycled Wine Cork Pendants, Crochet Granny Square Zippered Pouch Tutorial

DIY Harry Potter Wands, Trick or Treat Halloween Shirts, DIY Printable Halloween Goody Bags

Miniature Pumpkin Garden, Going Batty Take-Out Box, Floating Ghost Necklace

Spooky Crystal Ball Halloween Candlesticks, DIY Spider Web Hat, Frosted Skull Mirror


Your Daily Muse (Creative Prompts)

Stone Face


A Swan Just Before Sunset


8 Bit Computer Game Cassette


House Reef in Maldives

Mannequin Hands

Chocolate Truffle




Colour Swatches

8 Bit Computer Game Cassette


House Reef in Maldives

Pop Can Tabs

Wooden Number 3

Coffee Beans

Beach Fencing

Cup of Tea


Liquid Metal

Train Yard


Fall Leaves

Hands in the Air 

Isola Bella

Gargoyle Watching Over Paris


Ghosts on the Lawn

Old Photo of Spooky Houses

Beware of the Dog Sign

Blue Window in an Abandoned Building

Duck Silhouette


Bus Door

Alpe d’Huez

Colourful Fresh Group of Fruit


Salzburg Towers

Old Machines

Water Fountain


Wooden Bridge

Sulpher Springs, Yellowstone Park

African Elephants

Morning Dock


Unusual Orchids After Rain in Hawaii

Silver Wolf Head Cane

Black Feathers

Library in Bangalore

Toy Fire Truck

Gibraltar Apes

Wild Blueberries

Vienna Tram

Swing Carousel

Swinging Gnomes

Passion Flower with Honey Bee

Maid of the Mist

Hay Bale

Baby’s Foot

Purple Ice

Blown Glass Vases

Downtown Vancouver

Burning Match

Reed Mats


Being on Top of a Castle Tower

Origami Boats

Sleeping Otter

Surgeons at Work


Girl on a Swing

Old Grocer’s Shop

Blue Lace

Lip Lollipops


Summer Road

Broken Window

Forget Me Nots

Handfuls of Raspberries

Getting a Tattoo

Grouting Gloves

Palmnut Vulture

White Water Rafting

City Sewer

Pool Water

Good Luck

Rainbow Licorice

Ferris Wheel

Chess Game


Eye Test

Clear Water Scuba Diving

Hands X-Ray

Dewy Spider Webs

A Spectacular Bubble

Long Dock

Yellow Box Fish

Iridescent Eye

Roman Statue





Ocean Ladder

Dune Grass

Thistle with Bumblebee


A Beach Cave

Pizza Toppings

Small Boat in the Fog

Peggy’s Cove Lighthouse at Sunset

One of the Famous Houseboats of Kerala, India

Feet in Water

Herd of Sheep

Spiky Mushrooms on a Log

An Airstrip in the Woods

Fruit Flan

Tape Measure

Jungle Temple

A Lady Bug Tattoo on the Back of Your Neck

Stone Book

Dawn on the Vineyard in Tuscany, Italy

Component Cables

Peeling Paint

Hand Knocker

Pile of Iron Train Track Bars

Skiing Kangaroo Sign

Wooden Barrels

Waiting at a Train Station at Night

Abandoned House


3D Glasses

Fish Shaped Candy

Human Brain

Monarch Butterfly Wings

Rusty Old Car

Tarot Cards

A Blue Bulb

Camel Crossing

Wall of Fire-escapes

A Box of Crayons

Tango Dancers

Art Deco Elevators

Chillin’ Kangaroo

Purple Wattle

Spray Painted Wit

Packed Cable Car

Inside of an Abalone Shell

Birch Bark


Map to Napoli

Pale Flamingo

Redtooth Triggerfish


Canoes in the Evening

Outdoor Construction

Pacific Kayaking

Glowing Salt Crystal Lamp

Baggage Claim

Blue Jay in Winter

Industrial Suburbia

Skating at Nathan Phillips Square in Toronto

Magic Lamp

A Curious Ostrich

A Sleeping Puppy in Your Arms

Candy Machines

Resting Dragonfly

Volcanic Landscape with Lava Formations in Pucon, Chile

Stone Spiral

Elaborate Door Knocker

Tulip Fields

Glowing Pyramids Floating on Water

Purple Alliums

Cloister Corridor

Candy Apples

I Love You

Quay House, the Smallest House in Great Britain

Art Deco Woman’s Silhouette Lamp

Through Binoculars



Maneki Neko

Snowy Forest Steps

Fire Dance

Creativity Room

Distant Fog

Wax Seal

Long Distance Night Driving

Lost Ticket

Empty Condos


A Dancing Bug

Irish Strawberries

A Rubik’s…Cube?

Spilling Drinks

Finding Notes in Old Books

City at Night

Old Theatre Dashboard

Broken Flashlight

Globe Thistle


Merlin’s Cave

Unusual Shadows


Frosted Berries