Zombie Boy Tattoo Cover-Up Transformation (video)

This isn’t the first time I’ve been wow’d by tattoo cover-up products, but this is by FAR the most extreme and most captivating example I’ve witnessed.

Rico Genest (a.k.a. Zombie Boy) is a Montreal-based fashion model who is best known for the striking tattoos that cover the majority of his body and his face that give him the appearance of a rotted corpse. Over the past 6 years Rico has been working with tattoo artist Frank Lewis, spending thousands of dollars to create his striking look. Earlier this year he had the chance to grapple with Lady GaGa in the ‘Born This Way‘ video. – Randy Matheson

Rico is featured in ‘Go Beyond the Cover‘, an amazing demonstration created by Montreal’s Tuxedo Agency of L’Oreal’s Dermablend skin coverage products. I’ve watched this video multiple times and I could still check it out again and again.

Take a look (I’ve also included a before & after pic below, but I highly suggest watching the video first):

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